Friday, 14 December 2018

Helpful Lessons

Helpful Lessons From 35 Years of Living, Learning and Leaning into Life No Matter What

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Today is my 35th birthday celebration. Also, while I am formally in my mid 30's, I genuinely simply feel like a (to some degree) better-dressed adaptation of my multi-year-old self.

Here and there and on some days, I have a feeling that I have had manage far too much 'grown-up' things in my 35 years, however, most of the time I realize that I have just barely touched the most superficial layer; which is alarming, yet additionally energizing and cheerful and in the meantime.

What's more, given I don't care to simply give life a chance to cruise me by—but instead pause for a minute to delay, see, and value it—I think that its helpful (and fun!) to ponder this adventure I feel exceptionally fortunate to be a piece of.

So here are probably the most accommodating things I have continually alluded back to in my 35 years of living, learning and inclining toward all that life brings to the table.

These thoughts are an accumulation of learnings, musings and acknowledge that, when lived, not simply talked, have modified my condition of being, my direction of life, and how I appear on the planet. I see every one of these things as existing in my inward tool stash to be utilized if and when I require them since when I do, I appear with more delicacy, opportunity, strength, love and gratefulness for all that occurs around me.

35 Lessons From 35 Years of Living, Learning and Leaning into Life—No Matter What

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